The Hostel attached to the Institute is meant for all trainees. The following are the rules concerning the hostel. Notwithstanding what is mentioned in these rules, the Management reserves the right to alter or amend them and also exempt anyone from the operation of these rules, part or whole. The Mess-in-charge or anybody authorized by the Principal is in charge of running the day to day affairs of the Hostel Mess. The Hostel Warden is responsible for discipline and order in the Hostel. Any order or instruction given by the Hostel Warden is therefore binding on all inmates. The decision of the Principal concerning any matter relating to the Hostel shall be final and binding on all employees and trainees of the Institute. Applications by inmates regarding any matter concerning the Hostel are to be submitted by them to the Hostel Warden


The hostel at the State Institute of Health & Family Welfare is a well-furnished hostel facility for trainees.

Book Hostel Rooms

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Mr. Pradeep
(Hostel Warden STI H&FW Society Pariamahal Shimla)

For all hostel-related queries contact Mr. Pardeep at 94180 00231

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Dr. Himani Singh

For all  queries contact Dr. Himani Singh at +91 98058 26422

Do’s and Don’ts

Note: Bookings only for trainees/participants.